After writing last week’s blog about living a great story – your story – it also got me thinking about another one of my sister’s great quotes that I have hanging on my fridge on a photo of her crossing the finish of the NY Marathon (yeah, she runs for fun, I run only when chased…idk some days how we’re related, but I digress). And even though I’ll never get the whole running thing, the quote – now that’s something I get. Right here, through to my core. No running required.

Be your own superhero.

Really, why not? It makes sense, and I realized a few years back that I already was mine. I think that’s why I find the whole dating scene so frustrating and often opt to forego that and go for good company and good friends and good whiskey instead. It’s far easier than explaining living my life. This life. Life as a superhero.

I realized this with the help of a dear friend and a huge inspiration to me. She was the oldest rider to ever compete and complete at Rolex Kentucky Three Day Event – the only four star FEI event in North America and at just over ten years my senior, I hardly consider her old. If you met her, you’d know her spirit is as youthful as they come and that lends itself to her successes. She’s always smiling, always takes time for others, and has raised some wonderful kids, one of whom I am also privileged to call a colleague and friend. I’d like to think some of her inspiration has rubbed off on me.

She sometimes refers to me as a superhero for all I accomplish. Funny thing is, I look at HER as a superhero without having seen it in myself. And then I stopped and thought about it, and realized we could both be superheroes. After all, X-Men didn’t do it all themselves. They weren’t all men either. And superheroes often have superhero friends. So why then is it so hard to find other people that understand that? Just be yourself.

Be extraordinary.

Yes, being yourself is extraordinary. The very definition of ordinary is “with no special or distinctive features” so by being yourself – your true self – and living your great story, you are therefore, extraordinary. No one else can be you. No one else can live your story. So stop being afraid of what’s out there and go out and do your extraordinary things, whatever those things may be. Whether it’s defying odds and competing around one of the hardest event courses in the world on your home made OTTB, or starting your own company and fighting for what you believe in. Even if it’s just a matter of living every day better than the last and embracing your quirks such as painting the laundry room to 80’s music while singing off key and having a blast with your friend and her kids.

Being extraordinary is a matter of being you to the fullest. Sometimes I take a step back and look at everything I accomplish on my own, and realize, wow, I really did do all of this. And I’ll do even more tomorrow, and the tomorrow after that. And sometimes, I’ll accomplish nothing more than a day on the couch after a soak in the hot tub and that’s okay too. Even superheroes need a day off from time to time.

I can see it. Can you?

You may not be able to see it in yourself, but if you can see the superhero in someone else, it’s there in you too. You just have to believe in yourself. Be you. You already are your own superhero. Even without ever running the NY Marathon and don’t worry, I’m not ever running it either. But follow your superpower dreams and go live your own superhero story because being your own superhero is the best way to be.