Sometimes the best things in life are finding those comfortable spaces where you just fit. I’m not talking about the space on your couch – though that’s comfortable too. I’m talking about those spaces where you fit with comfortable silence. You know, those silences when you’re just comfortable with someone that the conversation flows, and those gaps between conversations is filled with that comfortable silence that you don’t need rush to fill in with words because you’re perfectly content to just be.

find your comfortable spaces

Comfortable spaces are like those comfortable silences, but better. It’s the comfort of sitting next to someone at a bar and when your leg touches theirs, not recoiling out of habit but being comfortable having someone else in your space. It’s those days just sitting and doing nothing and fitting into the space in life where things are okay. Being comfortable and realizing that not everything has to be a challenge and finding those comfortable spaces is one of the great parts about life.

Sometimes, you find those spaces out in the woods by yourself, enjoying the fog on a cool-warm day between raindrops and melting snow. Sometimes you find those spaces out on the town with friends when you go just a little bit out of your comfort zone and have a blast anyway. And sometimes, you find those spaces sitting next to someone at a bar on a day drinking excursion that turns out to be an incredibly comfortable space that you just don’t want to end.

Who knows, maybe it doesn’t have to. Maybe it does. Maybe all things that seem too good to be true really are. Or, maybe there are things in life that are just that good. For a change, I’m trying to not overthink everything, and have a little faith that maybe sometimes things really do happen for a reason. Even if that reason was just that I needed a really great Saturday to find a comfortable space. All the while hoping it’s more.