See a trend developing here? No, I don’t really drink that much wine. Okay, maybe I do, but I took a break for the weekend to drink a lot of other stuff instead. You know, beer, moonshine, Jack…because we wouldn’t want the other drinks to feel neglected like the forgotten stepchild of wine. Because wine.

OMG someone wrote a book about my year!
Must read!

So, anyway. It’s been a doozy of a year. Wow, what an awkward word. But really it fits. From one thing to another, it’s amazing I still have a positive outlook on life, though over the years, I’ve learned that having a positive outlook really does make a difference. However, no one’s told that to the real world yet, apparently.

In Jan I slid on ice (my road was completely iced over) and hit my neighbors fence at about 10 mph. Not much damage to truck or fence except…yeah there’s always that exception right? Except, the computer malfunctioned, the airbag half-deployed, and not at point of impact, but after the fact (that was interesting…), and the entire computer malfunction basically meant my truck was fucked. Shop didn’t know how to fix it. Nissan didn’t know how to fix it. And a month and a half later driving an ice skate a Ford Fiesta (it’s a party in every ride, I promise you) in winter around the mountains of New Jersey in the worst winter on record – DAMMIT I HAVE A TRUCK FOR A REASON! – I’m about fed up.

Yay! I got my truck back. Week later BOOM! Deer jumps a snowbank into the side of my truck and dents the fender, rips the wheel well rubber guard, and breaks my BRAND NEW grille. Awesome. That was Feb.

My show horse pretty much ended up like this…

March into April, my main show horse is almost better from pulling his groin muscles falling on ice like Bambi (yup, I wish I was kidding) when he goes to get up from rolling and pulls him armpit (again I wish I was kidding). Score for the most bizarre injuries ever on a horse. Then bangs his knee, that swells. Bangs his ankles, those swell. I swear he needs a padded room at this point. *sigh* Then another horse yanks me sideways and re-aggravates an old neck injury (damaged disc) that results in a 5 day migraine. I think I may have stopped for a moment in here to blog about this. If so, I apologize. I was on lots of painkillers and wine, so it likely made no sense at all. Yup, fun March and April.

But why stop there? And then there’s May. I now understand the saying “Mayday! Mayday!” because I’m about ready to scream that. Lucky (another horse) tears his leg up on safety tape that didn’t give way and break how it should have because it caught on an old scar on that leg when he had a similar injury from 2005 and the scar tissue gives out. Peels the skin off to the tendon, including hitting a skin artery. Blood EVERYWHERE. Happy Monday! Tues go get a new horse for a friend, and Wed Lucky has a drug reaction that nearly kills him – but not. YAY! He’s still alive (he’s DAMN Lucky!). And finally it’s almost Memorial Day and I can get away to see friends for our annual camping trip and DRINK. I don’t mean drink. I mean we DRINK. It’s much needed for all of us that tend to work too many hours a week for too many days of the month, and it’s great to let loose in the woods with good friends and good times. This year it didn’t even snow. It rained, but hey, it didn’t snow (and yet again here I am wishing I was joking, but last year it snowed. really.).

As if that wasn’t enough, the weekend ends and my main laptop – to the tune of a very VERY expensive 1 year old MacBook Pro craps out. Display is shot, and fan is going and it’s 6 weeks out of warranty. Woot woot! Get home in time for the vet to check my show horse Sky and BAM! Suspensory ligament damage. *doublesigh*

So I’m sorry if I’ve been all over the place, and everywhere but here, but trust me I’d rather be here blogging than dealing with all of this. Somehow, I’m optimistic the horses will all make a full recovery, the MacBook is being repaired for far less than retail repair cost (though still not free grrr….Apple), and I have wine.

Red velvet wine and cupcakes of course. Because after a year like this, who wants lemonade? Even with vodka because vodka ew. But wine? EXACTLY. See? That’s why we understand each other. As crazy as things have been, I’m still smiling and laughing – how else could I stay sane? And trying to fit 60h of work a week into about 2-3 functional days each week thanks to all these illnesses and emergencies and issues cropping up everywhere. Which is why I’m blogging and still working procrastinating at 12:15 AM. And drinking wine. 

Today was a New Moon, so cheers and here’s to new beginnings and much better luck and maybe even some productivity going forward. If nothing else, this weekend is the first bonfire of the season so if all else fails, I’ll just burn shit. YAY!