Yeah, it’s been a fuck of a few weeks and things have been crazy to say the least. The good news is that I am finally almost all caught up on work, I’ve got some really great stuff on the horizon, oh, and it’s Friday. 

Yup, Friday. Finally. And it’s even almost 5PM already. Another good thing. What are your plans? Mine are riding some horses, drinking some beers. Then tomorrow, riding some horses, and drinking some beers. Then Sunday, riding some horses, and drinking some beers. See a trend forming? A much, much needed trend for this weekend.

Of course, to clarify that, there will be riding horses first, drinking beers second as today and tomorrow includes lessons. Tomorrow night includes watching some horses being ridden…in the Belmont, you know. GO CHROME! And Sunday there’ll be horses being ridden at a show (I’m gonna ride too….wheeee!!!!) and then oh right. Drinking beers. Yay beer! And Friday. And weekend!