I can do with wine. Vacation looks like it will have to wait. So once again I’ve taken a hiatus from here because life got in the way. Just off a 5 day migraine with 2 week repercussions (damaged discs in the neck are fun!), and Monday starts off with my one horse tearing open his leg (same one as 9 years ago) completely down to the tendons, huge skin flap (yup, that is every bit as gross as it sounds) and an open artery. Granted, it was – thank god – a skin-level artery but the fun thing about arteries is that they shoot out blood in a projectile manner the same as they do on a horror movie set. Only this was real, and coming from my horse’s leg.

Deal with that and yesterday was a nice day “off” to pick up a friend’s horse. Then today, post penicillin shot, my horse has a seizure. A holy fuck seizure. It was bad. Anyway, needless to say it’s not (yet) time for vacation but it is time for wine.