Ever try to catch a falling tree? I sure hope not, otherwise I’d venture a guess you’re not reading this right now. Probably because you’re dead. Well, I have this friend that keeps comparing this life situation to trying to catch a damn tree that’s falling, and he keeps telling me you can’t catch a falling tree. But I can catch just about everything, and hey that’s good firewood! But you know what, he’s right. Damnit I hate when I’m not right.

Firewood or not, a falling tree is not something one can change. Instead, you’re better off making sure everyone is out of the way, waiting for it to hit the ground, letting the dust settle, and then getting on with the business of cutting up said tree and stacking some damn good firewood that will be useful if we ever have another winter like we had this past one. We better never have a winter like that again. And shit I LIKE winter. But anyway, it’s spring now. Sort of. Well, it’s mud season now anyway.

But trees still fall. And I realized that speaking of falling trees, this has been a falling blog because I haven’t blogged squat in over a week. Crap! Where has the time gone? Well, if you must ask, it’s gone to wine. I mean beer. Shit I mean life. I mean um…well on sunny days riding whatever horse(s) of mine and my clients are sound (there are some, actually quite a few!). And working for myself. Planning a trip to Kentucky for a wonderful bluegrass spring at Rolex. And of course I still have the best friends in the world.

Guess I’ll let that tree fall. Anyone know if no one is around if it makes a sound? Does Maple ever get the message?