I do, I really really do. I think I could eat sushi every single day and be perfectly happy. Despite living in the middle of nowhere on a mountain on the northernmost tip of New Jersey (I made that sound like somewhere really north and cold and remote, huh? Yeah, well you should have been here this winter…or not.), I actually have a really good sushi place right here in town. It’s so good that they know me there. Well, I am the mayor and all (on Foursquare, but hey that counts!). And their food is amazing. Great selection, great house rolls, their hot roll has┬áSriracha on it (sushi+Sriracha = heaven btw), and their specials change every week and are always so damn good. Love them all!

Then the other day when browsing the web, I came across an article for sushi and apparently I’ve always been eating it wrong. What?! No, how can that be?

Okay, so first off, idk that the chef can see me rubbing my cheap chopsticks at home, and second, if I do eat at the sushi place, do they think I really expect high end chopsticks? I am in Sussex, after all, and probably one of the few people that eat here that have actually ever been to a real NYC sushi place (and btw their rolls can rival most NYC places!). Sure, I wouldn’t bite it in half, except for the part where they make HUGE rolls. The other option is try to shove it all in my mouth and then choke, and need CPR. Or heimlich. Or both. Did I even spell that right?

Now on to the ginger. I LOVE ginger. I love ginger almost as much as I love sushi. I get that it is good to cleanse your palette, but what if you actually like how it tastes on your sushi? Or it helps your nose hairs from burning off when you dip the hot rolls complete with Sriracha, into too much wasabi soup…oh wait, that’s another no-no. What? No wasabi mixed into your soy? Noooo…

And of course last is my favorite. If I am not supposed to pay for sushi, does that mean it’s free? But then I read this quote, and have to admit I wholeheartedly agree…”if the sushi is going into your face and you’re enjoying yourself, then you’re probably doing it right.” Go me. I win.