Sometimes I wear kitty ears, just because. Sometimes I wear them in public because it makes people smile. Sometimes I pay for the stranger in front of me, sometimes it is because they need it. But other times it’s just because. Either way I always tell them to pay it forward.

Randomness that makes people smile is always worth while. The people that laugh or criticize are only jealous that they can’t feel the joy around them. And the ones that smile at your / my / anyone’s “crazy” random actions are the ones that can see magic in the world.

I see the magic. I hope you can too. I hope when I wear kitty ears in public, you smile. If you criticize, point fingers, or laugh, I still hope that later on you smile. That you can appreciate the joy in randomness. This is the same kind of joy that started Wolfenoot, an all new holiday that celebrates dogs and wolves everywhere with the tag #nohateonlysnootboops. It was made up by a kid in New Zealand and this world is so desperate for a tidbit of happy news, that it went viral.

Absorb that. A made up holiday is now a thing thanks to the imagination of a 7 year old on the other side of the world + the internet.

Thank you. I am now planning a Wolfenoot party – so much better than the materialistic day known as Black Friday.

This is why I randomly wear kitty ears. Or compliment strangers on the street. Or hold the door. Smile at others. Pay for the person at the drive through or supermarket line in front of me. Because we can all use something to smile about and the world is already a harsh enough place without us needing to be harsh to each other.

This doesn’t mean let others walk all over you. Or ignore your self-worth. Quite the contrary. This means you – and me – and all of us need to have the confidence and security to be ourselves and raise our children in a world where our differences are celebrated. A world where our quirkiness makes others smile, not scowl. And even for those of us who aren’t parents – I am not a parent – please know that the children are watching. Maybe you don’t have any of your own, but your friends’ kids are watching. Your nieces and nephews. Your cousin. And even just the child down the street or at the end of the Walmart aisle. They’re watching you, too. And they’re learning from everything they see. Be something positive.

Who we are is made up by how we are raised and all of the collective observances and experiences of our life up until this exact point. The children are watching (and not in a creepy Children of the Corn way – though uh, well it was just Halloween so you never know). Everyone is watching. The world is watching.

Be the best you you can be. And be YOU. Unapologetically unequivocally you.

pay it forward

Wear those ears, or whatever it is that makes you smile, and pay it forward!