Sometmes it seems I have so much to say, while other times I just can’t stop living long enough to write. And other times still, it feels like I am too busy making a living to stop and live my life. But sometimes things happen that make you stop. Not big things. No. Those things happen too, don’t get me wrong. But the little things that happen that when you’re too busy making a living to notice but finally slow down enough to really live, to make a life, that you realize.

Everything you’ve done has lead you here.

Right here. Right now. Always forward. And as long as you keep moving forward, even in those tough times when you realize you’ve grown beyond some friends, and despite wanting to slow your own life down to help them keep up, you realize you’ve been moving forward all along anyway to where you are today.

Always forward. To where you are now, which isn’t where you will be a week from now, a year from now, or even tomorrow. But along the way through life’s ups and downs, you realize that while maybe the hand life dealt you originally may have not been the best, you learned. You learned how to play that hand. How to move forward. And how along the way you’ve met people that are so much more than family. And even more than friends. Your tribe.

To quote The Bloggess, find your tribe. Love them hard.

That’s what matters. Not where you were born or what life you were born to. But rather what you make of all of this. Who you choose to be your journeymates, your warriors, and your confidants.

You see, life is about so much more than yesterday, or tomorrow, or even the here and now. It’s about what you DO. Who you ARE. And surrounding yourself with love, life (real life), and passion. Find something and believe in it. Find those people that believe in things too, even if it’s not the same things as you, but listen to them. Learn. And lift them up.

Together we are far greater than any one thing, any single intent, any individual goal.

Find your tribe and love them hard.

Every day I find new members of my tribe, scattered around this life – and world – in the most random nooks and crannies. Sometimes they’re far away, a chance meeting, a pen pal, a new friend across oceans. Other times they are right in your new old hometown, around the corner, or always just right here. But wherever they are, and wherever you are, find your roots. Lay down roots somewhere, and learn what home really is.

Mind you, roots don’t need to be a physical thing, and contrary to popular belief it doens’t mean owning land or buying into some plot or pipe dream. It means knowing who you are at your core, finding your own true authenticity, living your best life to your true self, and being able to recognize those roots of who you are to find others along the way to share this life with.

Life’s a funny little thing. So much we know while so much we don’t. Trust yourself.

Believe in magic.

And always, always, keep moving forward. 💕

Always forward