Yup, there is. Red Velvet wine by Cupcake winery. And it’s gooooood. Especially if you have mini red velvet cupcakes along with it. I’m not really a fan of cream cheese icing but whomever made these red velvet cupcakes really outdid themselves with the icing because it’s not overly cream-cheesey and tastes soooo good with the wine. I think I have a new favorite combination – who knew wine went well with cupcakes?

So that was my Sunday night. Last week was a blur and I don’t think I’ve blogged all week which is just crazy so here I am rambling away about red velvet wine and procrastinating more work which has been driving me crazy lately. That and these sub-zero temps that have me up every 2 hours to put wood on the stove and keep the house warm through the night is enough to make me feel like I’m a part of the walking dead. Can it be spring yet? Please?

There, I said it. Yes, me, who loves winter and snow, and spent all of December cheering for more snow….I. Am. Done.

At least all the forecasts were wrong for kicking off March with a monster storm that would last Sunday to Tuesday, since well, it’s Tuesday and this is the first span of a few days where we haven’t seen a snowflake fall from the sky. Novel concept really. A day without more snow. Just you wait, pretty soon it will be spring. Maybe. I hope. Hey, at least daylight savings is coming soon so I can ride my horses more come out of hibernation. I’d say ride more, but everything is still snow and ice covered and frozen, so yeah. There’s that.

Red velvet wine, anyone? Oooh they even made an inforgraphic so you can pair your wine correctly with your cupcakes. Innovative!