I’ve dubbed today #tmstuesday (rather than #tmituesday) where the “s” stands for “snow”. I went back and reviewed the weather over the past three weeks and it looks something like this:

  • Sun – Mon 2/2 – 2/3, snow (about 4″-5″)
  • Wed – Thurs 2/5 – 2/6, snow (12+”)
  • Sun 2/9 snow (an inch or two)
  • Thurs – Friday 2/13 – 2/14, shittons of snow (about 2′)
  • Sat 2/15, snow (3″-4″)
  • Sun 2/16, snow (2″)

A for effort, UPS

And I bet you can’t guess what it’s doing right now. Oh look, it’s snowing…again. Really. 3″-5″ anticipated for today. Tomorrow? You guessed it, snow. This time in a wintry mix. Then 50 by the end of the week for pure melting chaos dropping to highs in the 20s by early next week in time to turn all this snow into a giant icicle. We have well over 3′ on the ground. Not inches…feet. FEET. THREE FEET of snow. I live in New Jersey. Sure, in the mountains of NJ, but if you ask my friends out in Denver, they’ll tell you it’s more like the hills of NJ, Denver has the real mountains. Guess what it’s doing in Denver? 40s – 50s and sun. Hey Denver, we have your weather. You can take it back now.

Seriously. Bald tires, 2 non-running snowmobiles and it’s like adding insult to injury. On a positive note, I just picked up some side work that will cover the tires. Of course you know that means as soon as I get that done, it won’t snow again for the rest of the year. Oh, the irony!

UPS did however finally make it to me to deliver my new riding breeches and they fit absolutely amazingly! Now if only I had somewhere to ride, the horses are even bored of the indoor.

Now you understand why there are things like breakfast whiskey, strong coffee, and chocolate. Oh, and wine. That is all. 

Whiskey, the best way to forget the snow