No, really, thanks a lot – to all of you my lovely readers that follow this train wreck of a blog (aka my life) and to all of you that are so organized and ahead of the game, that you already are done with Thanksgiving, cleaned up from having a houseful of crazy relatives, managed to do your Black Friday and last bit of Christmas shopping without interfering with family dinner or getting trampled by the masses, and came home to finish out the weekend with an already perfect Christmas tree up, house decorated and the holidays in full swing.  Thanks.

Because I’m not nearly that motivated organized ready for Christmas. And because after a week of getting ready to host family and also splitting wood so I can keep the house warm, I’m just flat out exhausted. And possibly a little bit sick.  Maybe. I’m not quite admitting that yet, but I slept for 10 hours last night, and did the same on Saturday night as well.  And that is totally not like me. Besides, I hate it, because it makes me feel like a lazy piece of shit when I get out of bed at 10AM and the rest of the world has been functioning since 6 or 7. Hey, at least there was wine. Lots and lots of wine for the holidays. 

Could also be that in all the commotion of the weekend, I’ve forgotten to take my thyroid meds so much as once, so I did that this morning. Hopefully that helps. Because on top of sleeping like a hibernating bear in the dead of winter, I’ve also been getting the hot/cold/hot/cold flashes and sweats which is so much fun, and I’m way too young for menopause (EEEEK! No, really, I’m 37). But I know when my thyroid is out of whack I get like that so definitely could be part of the issue. On top of it, after I eat something – anything – I want to go straight to bed. Ugh, yeah thanks a lot, thyroid. For making me feel like crap and running down my immune system and now I’m stuffy too. Don’t even try to blame Jack. Whiskey kills germs, you know.  Seriously.  That stuff is like medicine in a bottle, just ask anyone from the 1800s or 1900s. Doctors prescribed that stuff for everything from a cold to a headache to the flu. I drink enough Jack that I betcha I could have been a doctor in my past life. What’s wrong? Headache? Here, have some Jack! Toothache? Jack’s the cure.  What about the flu? No problem, Jack will make it all better!

Anyway, my Christmas tree is standing outside waiting to be opened up and brought in the house.  I’m feeling almost like I should do that today, but at the same time not so much. All of my friends’ Facebook feeds are of their perfect families and their pretty trees and lovely houses and meanwhile my single, tired, self hasn’t put mine up yet.  I think that will be the goal for tomorrow: decorate for the holidays and get out of bed before 10. Damn you, thyroid, we’re doing this.

On a more serious note, I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend with family and friends, no one got overly caught up in the Black Friday sales craze, and that today is a lovely relaxing Monday for all. I know I’ll be here working and shopping Cyber Monday sales for the holidays and procrastinating my tree going up. Honestly though I already cleaned some this morning and if I bring in the tree, I’ll just have to vacuum and clean all over again and go into the attic and get the decorations out and that’s too much effort for today.  Today is day #1 back on thyroid meds. Let’s see how we can kick that thyroid into gear by tomorrow.  Happy Cyber Monday, all! And if you come across any great deals to share, feel free to post them here.  I’ll put up a link to a list of some of my favorite CM sales shortly. 

In the theme of saying “thanks a lot,” I’m thankful for my sister home from New Zealand and spending time with her (if I get sick, I’m totally blaming you, Steph!), my brother turning 30 and getting engaged (congrats, bro!), and my family all being able to get together several times this past month to celebrate and spend time together. I’m thankful for my family of amazing animals, from cats to dogs to horses, and thankful for some amazing friends near and far, that I love and trust and am so grateful to have in my life.  And for my one friend lending me his log splitter.  That thing is my favorite new toy! Have you ever seen how a 29 ton splitter can crack a giant log like it’s a toothpick? Fun, and much better than trying to split wood by hand.

Oh and I leave you with a funny. My little dog Jack (Daniels of course, like you had to ask) is a rescue and as far as I know, never seen a tree inside before. So at my Dad’s house yesterday for dinner, he was so excited, he ran right over to the tree…and peed on it (and the gifts underneath)!  Poor dog was all excited that there was a bathroom inside the house for him and next thing he knew he was getting yelled at and tossed outside.  Hopefully he doesn’t do that when my tree goes up. Tomorrow. LOL