And so it starts. Or rather, continues. It’s 11:22PM and I just finished dinner. The last 2 pies are in the oven, and it’s been a whirlwind week. Only it’s just Tuesday. Crap. Somehow now that I’m working for myself, a short week seems like a curse rather than something to look forward to!  Can I have a few more days in this week please? Pretty please? With rum on top?

Baking with Jack. While working. 
#byob be your own boss

Speaking of rum…I managed to make 2 Captain Morgan’s Spiced Rum Apple Pies (that smell delish in the oven and are making my house smell amazing!), and a kick-you-in-the-ass-and-get-you-buzzed Jack Daniels Spiced Pumpkin Pie. Two of those two.  Two for here, two to bring to my friends’ house for dessert after my family leaves. Because they converted their pool house to a private bar and we will all be watching football and after family at my house all day, I’m sure I’ll be ready to relax for a drink for a lot of drinks. And I stole their Captain to make the apple pies, so it’s only fair I bring them two.  The Jack I at least bought myself. But hey, it’s the holidays, which means it’s all about sharing.  Shots, er, I mean pie for everyone!

Jack the Pumpkin approves

My house now smells like Jack Daniels and pumpkin pie with the scent of spiced Captain and baking apples now wafting through. I do have to say, despite the wicked freezing rain/icing mess outside (that keeps interrupting my ID murder tv…), with the wood stove roaring and the oven going, it sure smells amazing in here! I just hope that means that the pies turned out as good as they smell, because I’ve never made them before.  I also didn’t have a rolling pin. And I wore gloves like I use to dye my hair because don’t like getting dough stuck to my hands (yes I made the crust, but it was from a box, I know only 1/2 a point for me for this). And mostly, because if you know me, you are probably more shocked at the fact that I baked. On purpose. And it smells good. than you are by the fact that I wore gloves because dough is sticky.  I just like to shock people really.

The house is (mostly) clean and laundry is (mostly) done. All the throw blankets and whatnot have been washed and the couch has even been vacuumed out because my mom is allergic to cats and dogs and I have a menagerie here. Seriously I do live on a farm. What did you expect? A hermit crab and some fish? As if! 

Yes I did totally just throw that back to Clueless. Which sort of makes me want to watch that movie now, because it’s funny and the TV keeps going in and out. But I also love my ID TV.  Nothing like some good real life murder charges on a cold, dark, rainy, icy, stormy night on a 40 acre farm all by yourself to set the mood. I feel like I’m setting up myself as some Suzy Homemaker turned horror movie scream-fest soon to be killed featurette. Clearly, I watch too much murder TV. Hmmm…well I have all the Captain and Jack around. Maybe I should go make myself a drink and let my imagination run wild relax. Really. Sometimes it’s like you hardly even know me. of COURSE I am going to relax. Or something like it…


G’night all! I’ll post those recipes soon, because DAMN does everything smell good. Tomorrow is time to brine the turkey, prep the stuffing and turkey glaze, set up the green bean casserole, bake the biscuits, and make the home made whole berry spiced cranberry sauce.  And wipe down the cabinets because after all day baking destroying the kitchen, there’s more than a little bit of pie on the front of the cabinets. Somehow I’m sure tomorrow will contribute to the mess.  Wish me luck!