Somehow I don’t think
they meant 1AM…

It’s 1AM and I can’t sleep. Not because I have that much work. Not because I didn’t do anything other than sit in front of a computer today. Nope, I actually hiked almost 4 miles today over rough terrain in under 1h5m (a personal best) after the rain stopped. Which, as a note to anyone that likes hiking, I don’t recommend hiking mountain trails in the late spring/early summer when things are finally growing and the trail is full of overhanging leaves. Because even though it stopped raining, EVERYTHING in the forest is soaking wet. Duh. 

Additional note: it’s even worse when you have to go to the bank and then to Wal-Mart running errands immediately after hiking. Soaking wet. Good thing my tee and pants were grey and not white. And that I was at one of the most white trash Pensyltucky Wal-Mart ever. Okay, maybe not ever, but near me. I don’t know that anyone even noticed. They probably just thought my clothes were a dark grey instead of light grey. Except for the squooshy noise my hiking shoes were making as the water slooshed between my socks and the sole. You know, because even waterproof hiking shoes don’t do squat when everything you touch is drenched.

And then there’s coffee. Which late night so that I could finish working seemed like a good idea. A few hours ago. Coffee never keeps me up, but I’m wide awake and not even yawning yet. Truth be told, I also had 20 oz of Dark Magic coffee, which may have been a slight bit of overkill. But hey, who’s keeping track? One more episode of IDTV, and then I’ll get sleepy, right? Or keep blogging. I wonder how many blogs I can write in one night. Of course tomorrow is a very busy day, so it would figure that I try to get ahead by working late and end up til all hours of the night. Awesome. Yup, go me. And here I am posting a hashtag I never thought was possible. #coffeefail 🙁 and I have no wine. Here’s to hoping I’m tired very soon! ID starts showing the same episodes on repeat after a certain time. Yes, I’ve been up this late before. 

Tonight, coffee, I curse you. Tomorrow, you damn well better keep me this wired! At least Forbes says morning isn’t the best time for coffee. See? I was just thinking ahead. 

Really, check out the Forbes article on 
the best time to drink coffee! People really study this stuff. I think I may have missed my calling.