This has been more along the lines of my
recent “yoga workouts” lately

I haven’t eaten all day and all of a sudden it’s #wineoclock, I mean, well past lunchtime. Oddly, today is going smoothly for a Monday, and from the looks of it, I might even get some yoga in for the first time in a few days weeks. Hopefully my back and neck and shoulders – which are tighter than ever – will thank me for it. Otherwise, there is always wine.

Lately, with all the shit going on (yes, yesterday’s post was filled with shit-puns, and let’s face it, you either like my humor or you don’t. And if you don’t, why are you still reading this blog anyway? Seriously. Go do something productive already.), I haven’t had a chance to do yoga in way longer than I’d like to admit, and despite my comical ramblings about twisted pretzel exercises, it really does seem to make a difference in my back. Despite some people’s beliefs, my life is not as exciting as this blog makes it out to be. Well on days when these blog posts seem exciting anyway. Blogging about shit wasn’t all that exciting haha. But in all reality, I don’t get to drink all day, every day, or even during the day, or even once a day. I do, actually work (but that’s a lot easier when you love what you do and who you work with), and more often than not, I work long days and super late hours. But hey, it’s all worth it when at the end of the day you genuinely love what you do, not the just money you make.

Of course, now with daylight savings, I had also hoped, like every other horse person out there in the Northern Hemisphere, to be able to get more riding time in. However, from the looks of it, the frozen stuff is still around for a while and it’s going to take a few weeks of warmth to really thaw us out. Even worse, we’re supposed to get rain/snow/sleet/ice mix mid-week this week. Enough already! I call uncle! I just want to ride my horses!

Ahh, I digress. And now it’s even further past lunchtime and since I have eaten something, I supposed it’s about time I get back to work. I wouldn’t want my blog to deceive you for the hyperbole it is of course, because it is, after all, still a Monday (even if it’s turning out to not be a manic one for a change!).