I love Throwback Thursdays because it means when I don’t have time for a full blog post, I can throw up something for #throwbackthursday and we’re all good. Easy peasy, which is good these days, especially with how busy I am.

So here’s this week’s TBT, with an agency twist. Throwback to 2007, a few years into my favorite job of all time (favorite boss of all time goes to anyone I’ve worked for/with named Holly, present company included), a really awesome agency called DigitalGrit. True to the name, we were a startup, full of gritty and witty people working hard together to make a name in the digital world. And it worked. We made an impact, had tons of Fortune 500 clients (I managed an account that at one point was spending $1 million a month in Google AdWords alone!), and had a great time doing it. We worked hard, and we played hard. We went to places like Dave & Busters, had lunch meetings at the BAG (the now defunct Boonton Avenue Grill), and when we were out of conference room space, the lovely coffee shop downstairs had a couch and chairs in the corner that served as extra conference space (or just a good place to soak up some coffee on a Monday morning after a long weekend).

We had epic Christmas parties, awesome company meetings, and not only was everyone invested in the success, we were a team. We built great things together, had great ideas, and it was an absolutely amazing run. So I leave you with this. The first pic is from me and the DG team outside of our office when they were filming The Soprano’s in Boonton (posing as New Hampshire). I actually got to be on set at my friend’s house which was the B&B, and it was a really cool experience. 

The bottom picture is from our team at Dave & Busters, celebrating a friendly competition in getting certified in Yahoo (back when they still had PPC) and AdWords with the highest score. DG treated, and we got to spend the afternoon/evening playing trivia games, eating burgers, and drinking beers. I have to say it was a damn good time!

The Sopranos came to town

The DG team at D&B