Preface: something I wrote a long time ago, that a great friend reminded me of today. Thank you, Lauryn. Love you! And because this bears resaying and is something that always rings so true to me, to my heart and my soul.

Never and Ever and Ponies and Snow

I believe in me, in all that I know
The things that my heart has told me so
My crooked smile and stubborn ways
Will be only mine for all of these days
I’ll not fear change, nor fret defeat
Never say never nor ever retreat
The more you say can’t, I do and I will
I don’t like to run, but never stand still
I believe I can fly, I can dream, I can be
Anything, everything, I’ll ever need be
Never say never nor ever say die
Keep your feet on the ground and your dreams in the Sky
Forever is now and always is here
Maybe’s not maybe what I want to hear
Tomorrow is new and Yesterday’s past
Now is enough if you make Today last

If chances were raindrops, I’d play in the rain
And welcome the storm clouds whenever they came
If Luck were a pony, on his back I would ride
Through the snow in the hills to the wild oceanside
And if dreams grew like apples from blossoms on trees
I’d pick all of mine and do what I please

And when I awake from chances and dreams
Next to my horse Lucky beneath apple trees
I’ll smile at the sun and swear to the Sky
I’ll never say never and never say die
Forever is always and now that I’m here
There’s nothing to worry and nothing I fear
Time is my friend, and nothing’s my foe
And I will be happy wherever I go
I believe in myself and all that I know
And in raindrops and apples and ponies and snow

– CJ