Why is it, exactly, that wine is so damn good at so many things? It’s good for relaxing, paired with the right foods, with cheese, on its own, in sangria, in spritzers (okay forget I said that – who really drinks a wine spritzer anyway? make some sangria out of that shit and let’s get serious, please. with the 60 proof triple sec. ok, that may be taking it too far…30 proof is fine by me).

Because wine. I’ve figured out that there is no other reason. It’s just because. It’s the nature of the beast, or should I say the beauty of it. It goes with everything, is good to unwind with after a long day, and even good for migraines. Okay, again perhaps I am stretching this, but whatever. If the shoe fits…while we’re at it I have to give credit to the Bloggess for her because wine blog. She’s spot on with that shit. It’s almost uncanny.

Of course tonight my headache of 2+ days is finally waning, my back is only sort of sore which for me is the equivalent of being functional, my neck only has tight pains on one side (maybe two, but who’s counting), and work is done for the night and nearly everything is running on schedule. ¬†Shocking, I know. It’s almost like I’m organized or something. Except for it’s after 11PM. Close enough.

Guess what? I’m having wine. Yup. Because. That’s why. Let’s call it a celebration. Because really, it’s the universal drink. Cheers!

Hmmm…maybe this means my writer’s block is about to go away!