Well first off, I haven’t blogged in months. Clearly that is an issue. Next, this blog is on Blogger (does anyone even use that anymore?!) and not WordPress. Another issue. However, on a much larger scale I’ve figure out a major #firstworldproblem.

Hair dryers.

No, really. You see, my friend borrowed my hair dryer to try to defrost the spigot in the barn this past weekend, and accidentally melted the end, and then left it in the shed to freeze. #ripoldhairdryer And yes, it’s been that fucking cold here that we’re using hair dryers in the barn. The rooster froze to the floor of a horse stall (we brought him inside but he was old and mean and died anyway). And every animal on the property that’s not a horse, now lives in the house. Really. It’s that fucking cold.

So after a week of sitting in front of my space heater with a wet head, I went looking for my hair dryer in the hopes that I could leave the house without my hair actually freezing to my head in seconds. When it’s in the negatives nearly every night, this is an actual concern, especially if you’re like me or my friend who borrowed my hair dryer and have long hair. When I found it in the barn I was devastated. Well, not entirely devastated, because it was older, but more so that it would mean if I washed my hair tonight, it would freeze to my head. Clearly, there was no other option. I couldn’t ever wash my hair again. I needed to buy a new hair dryer.

I got into my truck, and headed over the mountain to TJ Maxx, the light of my life and the main source of entertainment when it’s too cold to actually have any semblance of a real social life these days, all in pursuit of a new hair dryer. I had my friend in the loop via text message, and she offered to pay for a new dryer for me, but I insisted I’d split it with her since mine was older anyway. How hard could finding a hair dryer be? Oh was I in for it….

The options were either a POS Revlon that looked cheaper than the cheapest Motel-8 variation, or a select few for $$$$. There was even a hair dryer with red LED lazer lights (yes, spelled that way) to make your hair sleek and shiny as it dried. Lasers? On a hair dryer?! I had no idea there was this whole new level of hair dryer shopping, and so I Googled hair dryer reviews. 

And then I found this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QUPSzGzJhbs

Really? For the record, I bought a hair dryer by Chi, that seemed relatively normal…we shall see…