After dealing with a lot of really stupid, mean, selfish, rude, cheap, and even abusive clients, I’m about done. No, I AM done.

1) unlimited rounds of revisions are NEVER in scope
2) it is not YOURS until you pay for it (try that in WalMart and see where that gets you…oh right, JAIL)
3) be nice and i’ll do more for you. be a condescending asshole, and i’ll fire you.
4) i have no hesitations in firing asshole clients (please refer to item #3)
5) even if i fire you, you are still responsible for paying me for the work that was completed under contract
6) not giving you your website, files, work i’ve done for you, etc. because you haven’t paid is NOT extortion. it’s work for hire, and it’s not YOUR work until you pay me for doing it (hence the hire part).
7) if you are stupid enough to argue the above, i’ll not only fire you, i’ll also take ¬†you to court for what you owe me

that is all. #winning