I’d say oh no, I jest, but I don’t. And not like when it snowed that time. Or even then again that other time. It snowed YET AGAIN tonight. It may very well still be snowing but I closed the curtains and locked the doors and turned on ID TV and poured myself some wine and decided I could eat a dozen red velvet cupcakes if it made me forget about snow. 

Only I like snow. I really really really do. And lots of it. I love the fluffy white stuff, the crazy chaos it causes, the endless snow days, the need for generators (I have one) and the desire for a warm fire (heat my house off a wood stove, so I’m good there too). Of course, seeing as how it’s the middle of FUCKING APRIL and it’s snowing, and the ground just thawed this week after originally freezing in November, yeah. I’ve had enough.

I’m sorry. I now need to leave you to return to my regularly scheduled program of wine and red velvet cupcakes. And pretending it is spring. Somewhere….