Yup, that’s just how my weekend started off. Friday I left home just before noon to go to my Dad’s and then head to the out to the airport. I’m visiting friends in Denver using some frequent flyer miles I had. Because of that, the first leg of my flight was the pretty pointless trip from EWR to PHL. The cool part was the plane. I knew it would be tiny, but we were actually on a prop plane, and I got to sit right next to the propeller. It was a little louder than a usual flight, but still very smooth, and a cool experience overall.

We were in the air for about 25 minutes (I told you it was a short flight) and then I had to hang out in PHL for a 3h layover. I have to admit, for all that as a NJ/NY native with a deep hatred of all things Philly, their airport is nice. Damn. Score 1 for Philly. They also had a great bar in the terminal right next to my gate, with a huge selection of microbrews. Score 2. Crap.

Hung out, had a few beers, did some work, and then it was time to board. We were on a pretty huge plane that had an all brand new interior, and despite being in the ass end of the plane (I really don’t mind), it looked like it was going to be a decent flight. Til we got to the tarmac and sat there for an hour due to air traffic. Negative points for Philly…

We flew really low over Citizen’s Bank Park…
does it count as being there?

The flight was long, especially with the added time on the tarmac, but overall boring. I was complaining about just how boring of a flight it was when I realized, that’s pretty much the best thing you want for a flight. I mean hey, no one wants a horrific flight, right? LOL I even had good/normal people sitting around me, and the plane was pleasantly devoid of screaming babies! 

There was the one couple, sitting both in the middle seats, with the girlfriend one row behind the boyfriend. They weren’t that close to me but when it was time to land and they couldn’t be standing leaning over the row of seats making googley eyes at each other, she sat and groomed his hair, like a monkey. Yes, you know the way you see on the Discovery Channel where monkeys pick through each other’s hair and eat off the lice? Like that. Only I didn’t see any lice eating, to be fair. But then again I was several rows back and didn’t have my glasses on. These days you just never know.

So now I’m in Denver for an epic anniversary and St. Paddy’s day party with some of the best friends in the world. Spent the morning running errands, the afternoon lazing about in the theme of Caturday Saturday (even the cats in Denver have rough lives, it must be an epedemic…). And now, would you look at that? It’s #partyoclock, and more specifically #whiskeyoclock, with a feature of Jameson!

Happy St. Pat’s, round 1, Denver style!

PS I’m in Denver. Pot is legal here. It’s weird to just see it just there. Like public. I’m sticking to Jameson… #lame I know lol.