Recently I had the opportunity to try the new Fabletics yoga line of workout gear. No, I didn’t get it for free, I had to pay like everyone else, but I was pleasantly surprised. Now mind you that there is a membership catch which is how they sucker you in, but I’ll go through all that and give you some tips on the good, bad, and ugly.

I found Fabletics via a Facebook promoted post (oooh those pesky things) but it’s designed by/with Kate Hudson and I just adore her. I have to admit, I’ve had the pleasure of meeting her on set in NYC years ago and she’s every bit as lovely in person as she is in the movies, and she’s pleasant to talk to as well. So I click through the ad, and go to the site and take a look around. Entire yoga outfits for half off? As low as $30? Sounds too good to be true.

Well, it is. The catch is that by ordering, you agree to join their club and subscribe for a $50 charge to your card towards new outfits every month. Wait a second…a new yoga outfit every month? I haven’t bought myself new clothes in years, forget about workout stuff. Who the hell can afford new yoga gear monthly? Well, Kate can I’m sure but the irony of all of this is that she likely gets it all for free anyway. Blech.

So now I imagine I’ll look like this very soon..

But there’s a really cute outfit, and it’s cheap, and it’s going to sell out soon so I just have to have it. Yes, I work in marketing, and yes I fall for the same gimmicks I regularly write. Don’t judge. It’s been a long few weeks/months. And I work from home, so now I have a reason to get out of my pajamas – new yoga gear! Yay!

Of course as soon as the order was processed, I went online to cancel the subscription but it won’t let you. You have to call in and they have limited business hours. I made sure to put a million and one appointments and reminders in my calendar and fortunately it worked. I remembered to call and cancel. That was easy enough, took less than 5 minutes on the phone, and I still got my half price outfit.

When it arrived, I have to say I was thrilled! It looked great, felt great, and fit really well. I’m usually between a med and a large (I need to lose weight…who doesn’t these days…) but the mediums fit really comfortably without making me feel like a whale or stuffed sausage. ¬†And they are even nice enough that I’d run to the store like this. Then again I do live in a rural area and would probably run to the store in my PJs. But hey, I got out of PJ’s to work from the couch, and it’s about time that maybe I actually DO some yoga in this new yoga gear of mine haha!

Have you found any great deals you love lately? Share them in the comments below! Okay, time for a yoga break for me.