Thanks, AirBNB¬†and Stay Local Nashville! I just got here today, and already got my first Amazon / UPS delivery (thanks Amazon Prime), had a dinner guest, and a bottle of wine. I’m now watching TV on a couch more comfortable than mine at home, with wine, computer, and ID TV on (what else…really? do you know me at all???).

because wine

It’s kinda like home. As long as I don’t go outside. And in central air. And suburbia, but it’s like okay suburbia because it’s cute and unique and next to an old southern mansion. With more modern appliances.

Seriously this makes me want to move here. Or get home and totally gut and redo my house. Or both.

Good news is, I can “live” here the 4x a year I’m going to Nashville from now on, and steal some of their awesome ideas for redoing my own home. OMG this bathroom – the tile is to die for! I’d take a picture but I have wine. And a couch that’s more comfortable than mine. Have I mentioned this already?!

Okay, back to work, then bed, so I can get up early and check out the mansion and wedding grounds and gardens next door jog. Have you seen this place? It’s amazing! I should live here…Amazon and UPS already thinks I do. And there’s the same sign on the wall in my room here as there is in my bedroom at home. It’s a sign. I’m moving in.


This same exact sign hangs over my bed at home. It’s a sign. I mean a philosophical one. Clearly it’s an actual sign lol.