I now officially look like one of those crazy people obsessed with steps and goals. I’m here at the airport and my flight is delayed (it’s Newark, really this isn’t a surprise…) and pacing in front of my luggage because it’s almost noon and I’m not even halfway to my steps goal. Eeps! 

Yup I’m taking this seriously! And all this time on a plane and sitting around means I need to get those steps in wherever I can. Including pacing back and forth in front off luggage waiting for my now delayed aircraft to land so we can board. I blame Fitbit. Which I suppose is a good thing considering normally I’d be nose deep in a book by now. But I suppose I can do that on the plane. So back to walking/pacing like a looney around my luggage. Gotta get those steps in! Let’s see how I fare this week because we all know Nashville has amazing food and whiskey. Whiskey!!! Mmmmmm. 

I’m gonna need a lot of steps to make up for this. At least we rented a house so if it’s too hot to walk and jog outside I can do sets up and down the stairs. As long as my business companions don’t think I’m too crazy. 

Eh, who am I kidding, they already know I’m crazy! Okay enough typing and back to walking. Have a Fitbit? Friend me this way I feel less alone in my crazy! 

CJMillar82 now go! Keep moving!   


Note the distinct lack of plane at my gate. Kinda makes boarding difficult.