I just posted this on Instagram because it’s so true, and it just happened. Really. And it’s worth sharing. I mean how often do you get proof of a God, and even more so, that his name is Jack? Right? Pretty awesome if you ask me. Especially since earlier today that I was saying that I wish I wasn’t driving hours away and back home because I sure could use some shots of Jack. But I couldn’t because I had to drive a few hours home and drinking and driving is very not cool. That and I didn’t have any Jack. But then this happened.

Sometimes you have a shitty day on the road. And then sometimes on the way home in a brief respite between deluges of storms, you stop at a small liquor store in Nowhere, NY and this happens. For half off. And suddenly you know there is a God. And he’s a cowboy. And his name is Jack. #thankyou#keepthefaith #jackdaniels #purplecowboy

Because life on the road can be hard, and while I’m not on the road nearly as much as some people I know, and nothing compared to a pro athlete or performer, I also don’t live nearly as glamorous life. I travel where I need, when I need, for work, in support of clients, and in support of my horse habit (horse shows, horse racing, fox hunting, rodeos, and wherever else I want or need to go). And while it’s nothing compared to some I know, it’s hectic, and I miss home when I’m not home, as much as I also love the open road. There’s nothing quite like a good country playlist, the windows down, sunglasses on, cruising in my truck as it eats up the road with the mountains rolling by. Even tonight on the way home, with the thunder crashing in the distance as the lightning flashed its own fireworks in the sky illuminating the mountains for moments at a time, as the steam rolled across the highway when the rain pelted down, breaking the humidity that hung so heavy in the air all day….yes, even tonight was amazing. Up until the realization that I was coming home alone. 

You see, being alone is a beautiful thing. But sometimes, being alone means also being lonely, even though they aren’t nearly the same at all. And nights like these, I’d give almost anything to have someone to come home to. Someone to drink that Jack with, rather than letting it sit on my shelf until the weekend when friends are here to share it with (I won’t drink Jack on my own), and instead sipping on some wine as I unwind. I look around and see the animals all around me that make my life full, and I love them. I just still wish that I had someone to share this all with.

A long day on the road, hard day in the heat, and rough drive home in the rain watching the lightning over the mountains. Sometimes it’s wonderful being alone. And sometimes it’s just lonely. Then stopping for wine on the way in a break in the storm and bam! Score 2 bottles of 2013 Christmas Jack at half off each. Good to share with friends and wine for a quiet night tonight alone whenever I do make it home…

Still can’t believe that happened, y’all really! Purple Cowboy. And Limited Edition 2013 Christmas Jack Daniels for half off. HALF OFF. Right after saying I wished I had Jack before I left the races and fair today. And do you even know how fast that stuff usually sells out?!?! MONTHS ago…um…. Hi, God, and thank you. I mean Cowboy Jack. See? He really does listen!