Well, fuck. That’s about all I have to say about this day. This blog was supposed to go live this morning, I was supposed to be sampling breakfast whiskey, and everything was supposed to be ready to go and none of that happened. Instead it’s nearly 5PM, I just ate something for the first time today, and finally on my umpteenth cup of coffee, added in some whiskey. Either way, I’ve had all three kinds of whiskey and am well on my way to working them into my breakfast lunch dinner whatever meal this is, and am still going to post my guide to breakfast whiskey below. I say it’s officially whiskeyoclock, so here goes!

The Whiskey Drinker’s Guide to Breakfast Whiskey

What is breakfast whiskey, you ask? Is there really such a thing? Who the hell knows, but in my world there is and so I’ve decided to write about it.

First we’ll start with Cabin Fever. It’s an 80 proof real whiskey not just some flavored schnapps or cordial that’s maple flavored. Imagine syrup. With whiskey. A little to sweet for my taste on its own, it goes awesomely over pancakes and in coffee on a snowy winter day. Not a fan of it chilled, but slightly warm with some pure maple syrup is heaven. Also good on vanilla ice cream (that’s the only time I like it chilled), and it sure helps for those long winter days when you have cabin fever…like today. As I sit here staring at a foot of snow.

Next in line is Laird’s Apple Jack, a smooth whiskey blend with – you guessed it – apple flavor. But like the other whiskeys on here, these aren’t sissy whiskeys. Also coming in at 80 proof, it has a very light apple flavor that doesn’t overpower the taste of the whiskey. Made in New Jersey (yes, really) and it’s gooooooood. Laird is one of America’s oldest family run distilleries, and I tried this today in its coffee as well as on its own and I like it either way. I haven’t tried it on pancakes or ice cream, but I really think that’s something reserved for Cabin Fever. However, this does well on the rocks, and is great any time of day, though if you’re like me you can categorize it in the “apple a day” category and justify it anytime you like.

Finally, since 1884, is Hochstadter’s Slow & Low Union Made Whiskey. With touches of orange and honey (boasted on the label) this gives the taste of good old fashioned whiskey or bourbon with a touch of Grand Marnier. Now I may be biased as I have a penchant for Grand Marnier, but this was my favorite. Good any time of day, it did great in coffee, hot cocoa (that hint of orange & honey with the chocolate was to die for!), and even over fruit, pancakes, and just about anything else you could think of. It also did a good job of accompanying me through a few seasons of Justified, and I expect to see more of this bottle in my future. Coming in at the highest of the three at 84 proof, it’s so smooth to sip that I warn you – be careful! I drank more than I realized until the next morning the bottle was running low. Eeeps! But damn is it good!

So without further adieu, here’s the three whiskeys (the Cabin Fever is an older bottle so it was already empty – sorry to disappoint, and what can I say, I already told you the Slow & Low was my favorite…). Complete with snowed in backdrop and a snow shovel next to the bottles. Ahh the joys of being snowed in!

The Whiskey Drinker’s Guide to Breakfast Whiskey