There was some Facebook fitness challenge, so I edited it a little. Also I may have started writing this right after Thanksgiving. Yeah, so there’s the first fail haha.  Then I had to change a few things because crunches on the floor hurt my back, and I have a kettlebell so why not use it?  I’m going to see if I can be determined enough to do this 2x a day to make up for missing Thanksgiving, but we will see.  So far today I did:

6 sets 10 reps each w/kettlebell lifting upwards from a semi-squat, palms up
Repeat the above, palms down
6 sets 10 reps each side to side
3 sets 20 reps each crunches on yoga ball
3 sets 10 reps each side to side sway/crunches on yoga ball (where you move your butt from side to side on the ball as it rolls and stay centered/balanced, anyone know what this is really called?)
60 sec plank

I’ll try to repeat this at least 1x a day for the next 2 days (so 3d in a row) then rest 4th day, then add a set to each for days 5 – 7, and we see how this goes.  If I’m feeling like being an over-achiever, I’ll try for 2 workouts in a day (AM & PM) but if you know me, you know that’s being REALLY ambitions.  I’m not a morning person – not even close. Though I did get up at 6AM today and out of bed by 7:30 (yes I just sat there with kitties and pretended to motivate for a while…) and I have to say I got a ton done!  Of course none of it was work-related, so here I am working late. What does that say about you when you take a break from working to work out?  Sheesh…workaholic much? And it’s not like today was all fun and games until now.  Nope.  This morning was spent doing a super-clean on my apartment.

Cori trying to figure out this yoga thing

Update: so none of the above has happened since whatever day I started writing this and forgot to blog it. I’ve been doing yoga every weekday since last week thanks to Chromecast and, and I wanted to add back in some aerobic exercise and weights so I did this workout today before doing some yoga.

Well if you know me, the 1-2x a day for 3-4 days in a row is just laughable. I must have been delusional when I wrote that. Or drinking a lot of ine. Seriously it’s amazing that I’ve done yoga 4 times now (last Thursday and Friday and yesterday and today). Although I do have to admit, since doing yoga, my back and neck and shoulders feel a lot better, and things I didn’t realize even hurt like my hamstrings and forearms are starting to feel looser too. Took a few days though. After the first two days, I think I was more sore than when I started. Yoga may look easy, but I was a lot more like an awkward unbalanced twisted pretzel than anything close to what the instructor looked like. Hey, you gotta start somewhere right!

Maybe I can do the kettlebell / core workout 3x a week and yoga 5? Too ambitions? I may be drinking wine again…