Last time I blogged, it was about being manic. Well this time it is too. It’s been far too long since I’ve blogged here, but lately blogging for clients everywhere else has taken precedence (oh yay paying bills and taxes!). And then fast forward to right now.

Right now I’m riding an incredible high. After days/weeks/months of one trial after another, one challenge, another setback, things like two of my horses yet again suffer major – and life threatening – setbacks in their injuries (with new ones to boot), nights of no sleep (quite literally) checking on them, stress on paying bills, more travel for work than I can afford or fit into a week or month within reason (I work for myself which is great, but also means work travel is paid by yours truly, to be argued on taxes after the fact…). Well, let’s just say I needed a break.

Queue this weekend and week. Great weather (it started to feel like fall, early – yes technically it is still summer until Sept 21st). Rainy Saturday meant grooming and barn time with both of my horses on layup. Last week the rest of my herd got worked. Sunday was an early morning hunter pace followed by an afternoon of (somewhat horrific but spent with great friends) football and beers. Yesterday the rescue mare that dropped a baby Saturday evening without warning was perking up. Dear friends came over for dinner. We had the first patio fire pit fire of the fall season. 

Today work was even more productive. My horses are healing well (even amazingly depending on which one you are talking about). Business is growing. My barn/riding team has a new name, a new Facebook page, and a new website is in the works. My horses are happy. My dogs and cats are cuddled around me. My fall decor is out, with champion ribbons from my favorite shows hanging around  my favorite red glass vase on my kitchen table, reminding me that it’s okay to take a break to rehab after an epic show season. 

Life. Is. Good. Great. Grand.

And, if you know me, or you are or know anyone that is manic, you are waiting for the other shoe to drop. I know it *just* started to get better. I know I have an epic October planned for my birthday that stands to be better than any year ever before. And I know that work is picking up yet again, my friends and family are amazing, and life just keeps getting better.

But I’m manic. And I’m skeptical. And I’m riding this wave as long as I can. I hope it lasts forever. I still wish on stars, and believe in magic. I still look for unicorns in my back yard among the bears and the deer. And I’ll always know that there are dragons and demons hiding in the shadows. Some are there to make me better, and some are of my own doing/undoing. 

For now, here’s to hoping this manic high lasts forever, or at least through my favorite season, and my birthday and my favorite holiday (Halloween) into my next favorite – winter and all that it brings. Haunt me with lows another day. For today I’m haunted with the brilliance of Autumn and October and all that it brings! Man, just wait til you hear what I have planned for my birthday weekend……epic and a half and then some and icing on the cake to boot!