The dryer stopped working. A horse that had a pinched nerve in his neck and was seemingly better had a bad day today. Needed the vet at the farm. My neck hurts. I am out of toilet paper. My new iPhone shipment was delayed and my 4S is hanging on by a thread. Oh, and it’s my birthday week. Happy Monday?Ugh. I feel like lately “one of those days” has been more like “every day” and really really REALLY need a change. It’s fall. That means there’s change on the wind, right? I mean really. Right? 

Thursday plans fell apart – then are coming back together. Saturday I’ve been planning a bonfire for weeks, preceded by wine tasting and apple picking to celebrate my birthday (which is Thursday) and now there’s a 90% chance of rain all day. Grrr….

It was such a Monday that when I finally sat down and a daddy longlegs fell off the ceiling onto to my arm, I screamed so loud I cried. Then I laughed so hard at myself I cried some more. And then I had wine.

42 minutes til Tuesday…and counting!