While admittedly, most of the time, I post on here ramblings and musings of the comical type, with a mixing in of real life events and a glimpse at my day to day insanity, occasionally I come across something on the web that just makes me stop and think. Makes me go hmm…maybe that’s me more than I realize.

Sure, I’m a very social person, but I do love my alone time. And I’ve got a wonderful knack for keeping myself too busy to have time for much outside of what I’ve already deemed “my life.” And true, there’s nothing wrong with that, but then there’s also times that I just have to wonder, maybe there’s more to it. Maybe there’s more than, oh, idk, wine…

Tonight I stumbled across this. If you take a moment to read it, I ask you to be gentle with your thoughts and judgements. Be forgiving with your “over¬†achiever” and “aloof” comments. And just for a moment think that maybe this describes someone you know, and maybe, just maybe, that’s why she’s single.

This is just a reminder to be gentle with yourself, even when you don’t believe you deserve it, because you do. I do, too.