And is it really that sweet? Does it do for you what it says it does or is it just like the cherry on top – looks good for decoration but doesn’t really add much after all? That’s something we can only answer for ourselves.

I’m not that sugar on top, or that little bit of sweetness to soften the truths you hide from yourself. I’m finding that you can actually fit 10 pounds of sugar in a 5 pound bag if you have a little water and let some of that excess you’re piling on top of yourself dissolve and run off, leaving you with exactly the right amount of space for all the important things you always meant to focus on first.

Boundaries. Love. Respect. Honesty. Truth. Authenticity. Life. Passion. Belief. Excitement.

LIVE. I mean really though. Live!

I’m not that glass of whiskey that helps you forget. I’m everything the opposite – and more. I’m that dose of reality that sees who you are behind your eyes and the stories you tell, who sees right into your soul in a way that makes you both uncomfortable and excited at the same time. I’m that nagging truth that you already know but are afraid to accept because you’re too afraid to truly look yourself raw in the mirror and have a heart to heart conversation with the person staring back at you. I’m that stark reality that sets in when the reality of your actions and those that follow hit you in the face and you realize not only the mistakes you’ve made, but how far you’ve come along the way too, and you are simultaneously terrified and proud of who you are, and you look ahead in wide-eyed wonder at the world as if everything you’ve already seen, you’re seeing again for the very first time with fresh eyes and wonder.

I’m that person that seeps into your bones, haunting your soul or inspiring your dreams, or a little of both all depending on how you see me. I’m a little of all of that and more, and while I can see beyond the here and now, I can also see clearly enough to hold space for you to be who you are and take your own path to growth or change or even in choosing stagnation without making it any bit personal because it never was about me, anyway. It’s about you. It always has been. That’s the beauty of things – it’s always been about you, and you, and you, and me, and each of us ourselves on our own journey at our own pace on whatever roads we choose. There’s no use in getting mad at any of that. If anything it’s all the more reason to look upon those who have grown ahead of us with admiration and respect, and look at those behind us with compassion and love, and to even look at ourselves and allow us the grace we so willingly give to others.

I am who I am, make no mistake about that. And I’ll tell you and anyone else who asks the truth about me – all of them – if they really want to listen. It doesn’t bother me if you judge me, for that’s not a reflection of me but rather of you and where you stand with yourself in this life right here and right now and I hope you can see that as the first door opening in the pathway to amazing that lies right in front of you. But you can only see it if you believe in yourself. I can’t do that for you, you have to do that for yourself and I can’t help. I can only do that for myself, and do my best to inspire you along the way from whatever distance is needed at whatever point time mandates based on each and every one of our own journeys this life. We all do have our own, after all. Where and how our paths intersect isn’t only up to us, though we do get say in it too.

Life is amazing, and there’s so much more yet to come! I am so deeply grateful to share it with you. ❤️