Finally Live!

The new website is finally up. It’s simple, it’s straightforward, and it even kinda sorta has a logo. And a favicon. That includes the universal image for canoeing apparently – you know the kind you see on signs around lakes at campgrounds and state parks and all that. Only I realized the dude in the image doesn’t have a paddle. IDK if that means that you can canoe on that lake but only without a paddle, or if whomever designed that logo just thought that it looked better for the guy to be paddleless, or if someone just forgot to give the poor bastard in the image a paddle and he’s now stuck in a canoe floating through live on this damn lake, with no paddle and he’s stranded hoping that it doesn’t thunderstorm again (it’s been thunder storming non stop here) otherwise he may be hit by lightning and die. Or there will be so much rain that his canoe will fill up and he will drown, also leading to death.


See? Dude doesn’t even get a paddle.

Either way that sucks, because the dude in my logo is going to die. But that’s what you get when you’re floating along in life without a paddle. Sink or swim, baby. Maybe he can swim and then he’ll survive. Or maybe he’s a she, not a he. I shouldn’t judge. That’s what got this country into such a mess anyway these days. Maybe he doesn’t have a paddle because he is praying. Or she is praying. Praying that they can swim and it doesn’t storm and they don’t get hit by lightning and die. Because that would suck.

Is it Friday yet? No, huh? Well in the meantime, check out the new site and let me know what you think!